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SANRIZZ ACADEMY LONON Hairdressing academy training - Hair fashion courses PHILOSOPHY Sanrizz, renowned and respected worldwide as a driving force in the industry, have been at the forefront of British hairdressing for the past 26 years. 1980 saw the launch of the first Sanrizz salon in London, on Brook Street. This was followed by salons in Knightsbridge, Covent Garden and Mayfair, three of the most prestigious addresses in London. As well as salons in Guildford, St. Albans and Cambridge, and an education centre in Knightsbridge. Tony Rizzo along with brothers Ozzie and Ricci have over the years built a formidable business, including the Sanrizz Artistic teams. The Sanrizz company has achieved many accolades throughout the world in this highly competitive industry through dedication, creativity and the Sanrizz Education systems. Sanrizz Artistic teams travel extensively throughout the world, demonstrating advances in styling, cutting and innovative technical interpretation through their unique concept of education. The company has grown consistently over the past two decades and will continue to expand with the experience and reputation that they have gained through belief in their ability to educate fellow hairdressers. Sanrizz believe that in order to achieve perfection you have to be professional, creative, inspirational and meticulous. It is these qualities that Sanrizz strive to maintain and exhibit in every area of working life. How Sanrizz aspire to their philosophy. Each and every collection is nurtured stage by stage from initial ideas and styling through to the photographic work and the beautiful, unsurpassable end result. Sanrizz unique style stems from the years' of experience of show, seminar, salon and photographic work. Education is of the utmost importance to Sanrizz who year by year produce hairdressers reaching the top of their profession, and cultivate the next generation instilling in them the Sanrizz philosophy. Sanrizz believe that to be creative with hair you must firstly understand its growth, texture, possibilities and limitations, and to do this a great education is key. The Sanrizz formula for success is the continental development of new techniques and fashion ideas which pre-empt the look of tomorrow. Softly-structured form, always fashionable and wearable, without being mundane, is the trademark Sanrizz style. Its contribution to innovation includes three-way cutting techniques, asymmetrical lines, and unstructured curls. Sanrizz have made their name, worldwide, synonymous with style, creation and perfection through both the experimental nature of their avant-garde designs and the sleek, high fashion looks that are captured leaving the salons. TONY RIZZO Tony Rizzo is widely regarded as one of the leading names in British hairdressing and has over 20 years experience at the top end of the hairdressing market yet remains modest about his reputation, phenomenal success and contribution to the industry. Tony, who is managing director of Sanrizz divides his time between his stylist appearances and relentless international exhibitions, shows and seminar work. He attributes his success to years of experience and educational expertise, resulting in using up-to-the-minute techniques in styling, cutting and innovative technical interpretation and a love of hairdressing. As well as co-owning Sanrizz salon group, Tony is also responsible for the world-renowned Alternative Hair Show, founded to raise money for young leukaemia sufferers following the tragic death of his son, Valentino. This show needs no introduction and demonstrates Tony's natural flair for staging the world's best hairdressing productions, always securing a phenomenal list of the world's top hairdressers. EDUCATION Our unique style of teaching stems from years of experience, not only from within the salon, but also from stage, seminar and photographic work. From this knowledge we have developed our unique courses and have pleasure in passing this knowledge to you. To be creative with hair, you must firstly understand its growth, texture, possibilities and limitations. Once total understanding of hair and the hairdressing craft is achieved, you cannot help but become a complete all-round stylist. Our instructors are chosen not only for their hairdressing expertise, but also for their ability to pass on that knowledge. We appreciate that each person is an individual and that is why we teach on a very personal level, to pinpoint each student's particular needs and in doing so, regulate the level of instruction accordingly. We wish anyone who visits the Sanrizz School of Hairdressing an enjoyable, but above all, educational experience, leaving us with a higher standard of hairdressing. Our teaching philosophy is simple yet aimed to achieve perfection. Sanrizz: We teach the mechanics of hairdressing. Employees Guarantee We would like it to be known that under no circumstances whatsoever will we entice students or attempt to persuade them into our employment.
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