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Via Caneto, 58 - 28021 - Borgomanero (NO), Italy
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In our salons Borgomanero & Biella, Micro Mist, Camera diagnosis scalp. More 'in Biella Tan, shower and facial High Perfumery.
Shu Uemura THE ART OF CEREMONY: inspired by the tea ceremony, ceremonies Beauty of HAIR Shu Uemura show in every phase of the philosophy of PURITY and QUALITY rare artist 's Japanese. THE ART OF MAKE-UP: The woman seemed wrapped in a veil of gossamer light and color. Soft brush strokes create an 'impression, but intense vivid. A mirage of Beauty: Mirage of Woman, Gentle, Mild, Female.
L'orèal Professionnel
Kérastase is always a unique sensory experience to reveal the beauty of the hair. The Ritual begins with a diagnosis for a prescription tailored products to be used, then the experts will offer a real transformation of the hair. Whether it be in a hurry or you may seek a moment of well-being outside of time, your advisor will Kérastase between Rituels response tailored to your needs. Relax, Intense, Unique represent a growing attention that every customer doverebbe afford. Each combines specific products accompanied by gestures accurate but all leave intense feelings of pleasure and well-being.


Exclusivity, Professionalism and Creativity

Via Trieste, 1A
13900 - Biellla - Biella - Italy
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Exclusivity, Professionalism and Creativity

Via Caneto, 58
28021 - Borgomanero - Novara - Italy
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Exclusivity, Professionalism and Creativity

Piazza Antonelli, 24
28014 - Maggiora - Novara - Italy
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